Amazing Wedding Photo Booth Ideas

Wedding photo booth ideas are endless at Lumiere Photo Booth. Southern California’s premier photo booth rental ensures that all of your wedding guests will have take-home reminders of your once in a lifetime experience for years to come. More so, our instant on-site printing and sharing capabilities increase the likelihood that your event will be hash tagged and go viral. Nowadays, it is absolutely essential that your wedding be featured on various platforms via social media, if you wish. Amazing wedding photo booth ideas from Lumiere Photo Booth will make your event unforgettable.

When planning your wedding and wedding photo booth ideas, no matter if you are using a formal wedding planner, or doing all the heavy lifting yourself, working with Lumiere Photo Booth can ensure that your big day is one to remember! For example, when you work with Lumiere Photo Booth and get great wedding photo booth ideas, you can add a touch of glamour to the day. Some awesome wedding photo booth ideas include:

●     Flowers, branches and herbs as props and/or backgrounds

●     Wooden crates and palettes

●     Green screen, GIF, morph booth

●     Ribbons, glitter and streamers as beautiful backdrops

●     Balloon arches

Wedding Photo Booth Ideas That are Sure to Impress

Use exciting wedding photo booth ideas from Lumiere Photo Booth to take your big day to the next level. With a wedding photo booth rental, your celebration will sparkle into the future. You’ll be able to see your big day in all its gleaming glory that you couldn’t see without a wedding photo booth rental company like Lumiere Photo Booth.

●     Our quick and easy set up ensures convenience and streamlined technology

●     Photo templates allow party goers dozens of options

●     Our countdown timer provides attendees with more than enough time for them to strike just about any pose

●     You can design custom photo and video graphics

●     We offer customized branded graphics overlays and backgrounds

●     Our service comes with instant on-site printing and instant sharing via social media, email and text messages

Interested in letting Lumiere Photo Booth help with your amazing wedding photo booth ideas? Set your wedding apart with our luxury photo booth company. Lumiere Photo Booth offers premier service and high quality photos that will last a lifetime. To learn more about Lumiere Photo Booth and our premier green screen photo booth in Los Angeles, please call 951-595-7851 and visit