Top Questions You Should Ask When Hiring a Photo Booth Rental Company

The popularity of a photo booth for special events such as birthday, weddings and even corporate events is steadily rising.  This has caused a massive surge of businesses entering the industry of corporate photo booth rental.  This means that there are more photo booth rental companies that you can choose from.  Consequently, it also means that there are less reputable corporate photo booth rentals in the market.  To help you find a reliable photo booth rental company, here are some of the top questions that you should ask when considering which one to hire.

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Photo Booth Rental Company

Do they have a reference?

Do you know why a company is asking for a reference when you are applying for a job?  The same applies when hiring a Photo Booth rental company.   If the company is confident about the service that they are offering to their clients, they should not hesitate in providing you with a reference.  In the event that they refuse to provide you a reference, it is highly recommended to move on and find another company.  Also, be sure that you are able to find reviews and testimonials about the company online such as on Facebook Directory, Yelp and Google Maps.

Does it come with an attendant?

Some people who acquire the service of the corporate photo booth rental hastily assume that the photo booth package comes with an attendant.  Others are thinking that since it will operate on its own, it will no longer require an attendant. This is wrong.  You should always make sure that an attendant is present to facilitate your Photo Booth rental. Having an attendant will make sure that your photo booth experience will go off without a hitch.

Do they offer customizable photos?

What makes Lumiere Photo Booth special is the uniqueness and attention to detail that it offers during the entire rental process. The photo booth is an attraction, which is not only a part of the event’s entertainment but also a great way to immortalize the event.  To make it even more special for the corporate event or wedding, you should ask the photo booth rental company if they can personalize the photos to the theme of your event.  You have spent endless hours on the theme of your event so you should ensure the photo booth will tie in perfectly. 

Social Media

Having a printed photo during the event is undoubtedly great, it's like instant gratification; unfortunately, there will always be those people that will ask for the digital copy of their photo so that they can post online.  Don’t worry Lumiere Photo Booth has you covered. Our photo booth has social media sharing capabilities that allow you to post your image to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as well as being able to text and email the image.   The photo booth rental company should be able to provide you with a USB that contains the pictures during the event, or they should upload a copy of the photo onto their official Facebook page where the guests can tag themselves.

Finally, before you decide on hiring a photo booth rental company, you should ask them if you can personally see what their photo booth looks like. The photo booth should be visually appealing and not stand out like a sore thumb. You spent countless hours in creating a theme for your event, so ensuring it will be a perfect fit is a must. Ask them if you can schedule an appointment with them and check out the photo booth that you are renting.

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