5 Tips On How to Throw the Perfect Party

Parties are a part life. A party unites family and friends . Simple or grand, people will always want to ensure they throw the perfect event in hopes of creating memories that will last a lifetime. Attending an event or a party is so much fun but for the party planner or the host of the event, this is the most tiring and nerve-wracking time, making sure everything is in order and all goes as planned.

Of course, if you want to have the perfect party you need to do some serious party planning. If possible, hire a party planner to help you out, with your event planning. But if you can’t hire someone, keep these following steps in mind when you are ready to start your party planning.

Here are the following tips for you to have your perfect event: 

1.      When and where: If the event is not going to be a birthday or anniversary party then having the freedom to choose when to have it, is even better. 

Choose a date where it does not conflict with any other event so that it does not force people to choose between attending your event or another. Choose a venue that is spacious enough to accommodate the planned number of guests.

2.      Who is invited? Always keep in mind that even though you are planning a kid or an adult specific party, you should be prepared to entertain a mixture of guests.

3.      Pick the theme: If there is a celebrant you should always pick the theme in line with what the celebrant wants, if there are no celebrants then have the theme in line with the people you are inviting.

4.      Choose the right food: The food should be fit for everyone. But always consider what you want and keep in mind that it should be able to sustain the planned number of guests.

5.      And of course, the perfect event will always be incomplete without photos of all the great moments and what’s more fun is that nowadays we have the photo booth adding to the fun with endless possibilities of props. You can count on Lumiere Photo Booth to be available and ready to capture all of your event’s special moments.

Just follow these simple steps and you will have the perfect party you’ve always wanted


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