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Why you need a Photo booth at your next brand activation.

Why you need a photo booth at your next brand activation

Technology has offered us so many advancements when it comes to the marketing world. It has become a common occurrence to attend a wedding, or birthday party, where there is a photo booth activation. Businesses are taking advantage of that same excitement, by employing technology to improve the penetration of their events. 

Photo booths offer a unique method of brand activation, with Lumiere Photo Booth offering instant uploading to social media, in addition to printed copies, both the business and the consumer get what they want. What user posts a picture of themselves unless it is the best picture? The best picture with your brand imprinted on it offers you incredible advertising across a multitude of social media platforms and a wide reach. The customer walks away with a printed takeaway that is branded. 

This isn’t a passing fad, any event coordinator could regale you with the various technologies that have come and gone in the event marketing industry. Photo activations just continue to improve; it starts with offering attendees the ability to engage. 

The evolution of photo apps and mobile phones have not stemmed the desire that fans have for photo activations at events; it is an ideal way to ensure that you increase your traffic and social branding. 

It isn’t a case of standard photo booths, either. You want a photo booth that can do it all, and with Lumiere Photo Booth you have a company that strives to stay on top of the competition by providing top technology offerings. 

There are a variety of filters to choose from, just as you would have on Instagram. In addition, there are slow motion, morphing, a green screen option, light painting, animated gif photo booth with backgrounds and animated overlays, plus the survey and data collection ability is built in so that you can track your success. There’re even Dubsmash and Lip Sync capabilities. With customizable screens and templates, you can create the perfect template for your brand’s event. It doesn’t stop there, though, in addition to the social media sharing there’s also a coupon and contest mode so that you can run raffles and giveaways. 

Just imagine what those capabilities could deliver, considering a basic photo activation is enough to drive traffic and excitement about your event. 

Consider contests, such as most creative group photo, most likes or comments gained on social media, most unique pose, or a scavenger hunt that involves posting pictures to a hashtag specific to your event. 

Big brands employing this method include Pirelli tires at F1 events, Toyota, BodyBuilding.com’s LA Fit Expo, Bud Light, LG, and Ray Ban. 

Customer engagement is key to any business, and photo activation is the ideal method to achieve success. Just look at the benefits:

  • Instant feedback
  • Allows your brand to reach a new audience
  • Reinforces your brand’s positioning
  • Cuts through the clutter of traditional advertising (print, TV commercials, web ads)
  • Your brand becomes more prominent 

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