Lumiere is Southern California's Premiere Photo Booth Rental Company

Meet your luminous duo

Jackie Guzman - Lumiere Photo Booth

Jackie Guzman

Lumiere’s self-confessed compulsive 'prop shopper', Jackie is always trawling for innovative materials that will make for awesome photo booth images. A crafty creative and lover of all things colorful, it's Jackie's (endearingly) goofy personality together with her willingness to make a fool of herself that really puts people at ease in front of the camera. Of course, her ten years in customer service don't hurt either.

Please note: If you choose to play 80's music at your event, Jackie WILL dance. (Lumiere apologizes in advance.)

Rigo Guzman - Lumiere Photo Booth

Rigo Guzman

Rigo is Head Geek at Lumiere, transfixed by tech and always exploring new gadgets that might improve the photo booth experience (or at least be fun to play with for a while). A former photographer, it's no surprise to find Rigo shaking it up in the photo booth industry in SoCal. Despite a lot of time spent behind the lens, his favorite part is engaging with people in front of it; capturing those moments that will be relived and laughed at for years to come. 

When he's not in the office, you can usually find Rigo snuggling up with the family dogs or plotting his next prank on an unsuspecting Jackie.